Large Centrifugal Castings

From crushing hard rocks to lifting weighty loads, heavy machinery is constantly pushed to the limit. Improve performance and longevity with centrifugally cast metal parts from U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine.

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Centrifugal Castings

What’s centrifugal casting? 

Large centrifugal castings creates finished products by pouring molten metal into a spinning cylindrical mold. The mold is reusable and consists of two or more sections with an opening. Inside of it are chambers with the desired product shape or features.

The centrifugal force generated from the rotation exerts pressure onto the molten metal, causing it to conform to the mold’s shape. When the melt cools and solidifies, the mold halves are separated and the finished part is removed.

The Centrifugal Casting Edge

Centrifugal casting produces metal parts with optimum accuracy, superior surface finish, and minimal waste. The process is perfect for manufacturing castings with intricate designs and thin wall sections.

There are many advantages to using centrifugal casting for the manufacture of cylindrical and circular parts. They include: 

  • High dimensional precision
  • Great purity 
  • High quality 
  • Better production throughput 
  • Lower cost production process 

The extreme pressures placed upon the mold during rotation cause lighter contaminants and impurities to separate from the denser metal. These impurities gather in the component’s bore, minimizing chances that weak points or porosity areas will form within the metal structure.

The after-mold machining process can easily remove these impurities. As a result, the final product is incredibly pure. 

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Innovative Castings Provider 

U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine is a leading centrifugal casting manufacturer and provider of centrifugally cast custom metal components. With a century of experience, we deliver products with the highest quality. Here’s our range of custom centrifugal casting services. 

  • Research & Design
  • Mold-Making
  • Prototyping
  • Full-Scale Casting 
  • Finished Machining
  • Inspection 
  • Delivery 

Capabilities and Area Of Expertise

Our area of expertise is large centrifugal castings for heavy machinery. We’re one of a few foundries across the world capable of producing components for oversized industrial equipment. Here are our capabilities: 

  • Castings up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lengths of up to 80 inches 
  • Outside diameters as large as 158 inches 

Centrifugal casting utilizes permanent molds, which can be built to hold tight tolerances. This minimizes material waste and post-mold machining. Designs with dimensionally challenging, complex geometries are welcome. We manufacture many products with centrifugal casting. 

Critical parts, quality materials 

Wear, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and other degrading factors are part and parcel of industrial processes. Premium materials should be used to manufacture vital components to avoid premature degradation from these environments.

As a leading centrifugal casting manufacturer, we make products from various alloys. Metals we pour into centrifugal casting molds are: 

  • Bronze And Highly Leaded Bronze
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum 
  • Nickel  

Get quality parts, affordable and fast 

It’s common to move parts between supply chain partners to obtain custom parts for unique heavy machinery. Juggling service providers can slow turnaround time and blows budgets, both of which are essential aspects of industrial projects. 

U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine offers a suite of secondary processes under one roof, streamlining your supply chain. Our value-added services include: 

  • Machining
  • Heat Treatment 
  • Metallurgical Testing
  • Non-Destructive Examination, or NDE

Our foundry houses a full-service machine shop, making it possible to deliver finished castings with precise dimensions. The shop contains advanced CNC equipment capable of machining workpieces with: 

  • Outside diameters of 150 inches
  • Lengths of 80 inches 
  • Tolerances are +/- .001 inches

Heat treatment can improve material working life, like increasing surface hardness, temperature resistance, ductility, and strength. Metallurgical testing confirms the mechanical and chemical characteristics of materials. 

Non-destructive examination checks for imperfections or cracks that can degrade final product performance. Surface and subsurface inspections are performed upon request. 

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Strict quality protocols ensure parts are manufactured to applicable industry standards or client requirements. Turnaround of rough parts is as quick as two weeks, while completion of finished pieces is as swift as eight weeks, depending on lead time and other factors. 

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U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine makes high-quality components for companies with challenging industrial processes. We work with you to produce centrifugal castings tailored for your application. Industries served are: