Industrial Crusher Parts Manufacturer

Crushing equipment is constantly under extreme duress. Crunching up rocks without breaking teeth or reducing sticky and soft materials without clogging are just a few issues faced every day.

Your process relies upon this machinery to do its job, so U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine makes it ours to provide crushing and sizing products that won’t let you down. We’re a leading manufacturer of custom cast metal components for demanding industries.

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Industrial Crusher Parts

Crushing parts that are ready for the task 

U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine produces cast crusher parts that stand up to wear, friction, and corrosion. As a result, equipment usability and longevity improve. Here are typical items we manufacture:

We’re a single-source casting facility. Every casting step is performed in-house under the guidance of a qualified engineering team. Our capabilities include:

  • Research & Design
  • Mold-Making
  • Prototyping
  • Full-Scale Casting
  • Finished Machining
  • Inspection
  • Delivery

The casting edge

Material crushers are classified into two main groups: compressive and impact. Compressive crushers press material until it breaks, and impact crushers use quick crashes to reduce material sizes.

Cast metal alloys are used in all types of impact and compressive crushing applications because casting processes can create relatively complex shapes. Here are some examples:

  • Jaw Crushers
  • Gyratory Crushers
  • Cone Crushers
  • Impact Crushers
  • Split Feed Crushers
  • Glass Crushers
  • Horizontal Impactors
  • Vertical Impactors
  • Stone Crushers

Casting processes are adaptable for mass production. Making large quantities of a specific casting is quick. This is beneficial because crushing equipment is utilized by many industries.

  • Mining
  • Material Handling
  • Construction
  • Minerals Processing
  • Logging
  • Recycling
  • Solid Waste

Your crushing equipment parts source

As a leading industrial crusher parts manufacturer, we produce cast parts of all sizes. Our specialty is large cast products tailored to client specifications. We utilize static and centrifugal casting techniques and have the following capabilities:

  • Castings up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lengths of up to 80 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • Outside diameters as large as 158 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • No size limit for statically cast parts

Our facility has a machine shop, which enables us to deliver finished castings with precise dimensions. By eliminating time-consuming off-site secondary processing steps, client supply chains are simplified. The shop contains advanced CNC equipment capable of machining workpieces with:

  • Outside diameters of 150 inches
  • Lengths of 80 inches 
  • Tolerances are +/- .001 inches

Durable materials

Crushers are an integral part of material handling operations. Heavy-duty plates move up and down when raw material is fed into a crusher, creating enough force and pressure to reduce material sizes significantly.

To avoid breaking down, components must be manufactured from quality materials. As a trusted crusher castings manufacturer, U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine helps you select the best metal alloys for your application. Those we use regularly include:

Other metal alloys are available upon request.

Crushing solutions that stand up to what’s thrown at them 

The crusher, sizer, and breaker cast products that U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine manufactures can handle all kinds of materials, including abrasive, fragile, soft, and sticky. They’re so capable because we put quality first.

A strict quality management system ensures every casted component meets applicable industry standards or client specifications. Our team can turnaround rough parts as quickly as two weeks and finished pieces as fast as eight weeks, depending on lead time and other factors.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about our cast crusher parts.