Infrastructure Industry Casted Metal Parts

Without roads, bridges, buildings, and water systems, societies would be drastically different. Components such as structural bearings that support loads and absorb stresses are pivotal for long-term infrastructure viability.

Boost infrastructure performance with assistance from U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine a structural bearing manufacturer. As a trusted infrastructure industry castings manufacturer, we specialize in producing cast metal parts that enhance structural integrity and longevity of public and private works applications at home and abroad.

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Infrastructure Industry Casted Metal Parts

Making structures stronger

U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine produces cast infrastructure parts that stand up to vibration, sudden impacts, extreme temperatures, and corrosion. Consequently, structures are strengthened and reinforced, improving longevity and safety. Here are typical items we manufacture:

We’re a single-source casting facility. Every casting step is performed in-house under the supervision of a qualified engineering team. Our capabilities include:

  • Research & Design
  • Mold-Making
  • Prototyping
  • Full-Scale Casting
  • Finished Machining
  • Inspection
  • Delivery

Why use cast metal components on your infrastructure project? 

Foundry casting is an excellent way to source custom products when CNC fabrication won’t cut it. Cast metal alloys can be produced in complex shapes, eliminating the need for assembly of many parts. A one-piece construction increases structural integrity.

Infrastructure castings come in various sizes and configurations. Typical parts for this sector are:

  • Bridge Bearings
  • Cable Hangers
  • Node Junctions
  • Custom Volumetrically Complex Shapes
  • Trusses
  • Spanks
  • Sleeves

Infrastructure industry casted metal parts are perfect for many applications. Examples include:

  • High-rises
  • Bridges
  • Tunnels
  • Public Transit Applications
  • Highway Overpasses
  • Schools
  • Mid-rises
  • Arenas
  • Hospitals
  • Manufacturing Sites
  • Power Plants
  • Stadiums
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Railways
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Universities

Infrastructure casting solutions

As a leading infrastructure industry castings manufacturer, U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine produces cast parts of all sizes. Our specialty is large cast products tailored to client specifications. We utilize static casting and centrifugal casting techniques and have the following capabilities:

  • Castings up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lengths of up to 80 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • Outside diameters as large as 158 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • No size limit for statically cast parts

Our facility contains a machine shop, which enables us to deliver finished castings with precise dimensions. By eliminating time-consuming off-site secondary processing steps, client supply chains are simplified. The shop contains advanced CNC equipment capable of machining workpieces with:

  • Outside diameters of 150 inches
  • Lengths of 80 inches
  • Tolerances are +/- .001 inches

Premium materials, safer public works projects

A finished structure is much more than walls and flooring finishes. Its safety and performance depend upon components that support loads, absorb stresses, withstand wear, and combat corrosion. To endure these conditions, components must be manufactured from quality materials. As a leading infrastructure industry castings manufacturer, U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine helps you choose the best metal alloys for your application. Materials used often include: Bronze And Highly Leaded Bronze Copper, Stainless Steel-Aluminum, and Nickel. Additional metal alloys can be used to make infrastructure industry casted metal parts upon request.

Your infrastructure partner

Critical infrastructure functionality is only as good as the components from which it’s made. At U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine, quality is always on our minds.

A strict quality management system ensures every casted component meets applicable industry standards or client specifications. Our team can turnaround rough parts as quickly as two weeks and finished pieces as fast as eight weeks, depending on lead time and other factors.

Feel free to contact us to discuss our infrastructure industry casted metal parts.