Mining Industry Castings Manufacturer

Extracting minerals from the earth requires resilient, durable equipment. U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine combines cutting-edge technologies with proven expertise to produce friction-resistant, hard-wearing cast metal parts that optimize your mining operation.

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Mining Industry Castings

Boosting mining application performance

U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine is a full-service supplier of mining industry casted metal parts. The components we manufacture optimize application functionality, wearability, and efficiency.

Every casting step is performed in-house under the supervision of veteran engineers. Our capabilities include:

  • Research & Design
  • Mold-Making
  • Prototyping
  • Full-Scale Casting 
  • Finished Machining
  • Inspection
  • Delivery

Metal castings uses in mining applications 

Mining industry equipment is continually under extreme duress, as they pull hard minerals from the earth, reduce their size, and sort them appropriately. Casting processes can create relatively complex shapes from materials with high strength, wear-resistance, and anti-corrosion properties.

Consequently, cast metal alloys are used in many mining applications. Here are some examples:

  • Burner Tips
  • Bushings
  • Reclaimers
  • Cooler Grates
  • Crushing Mills
  • Grate Bars
  • Feeder Rolls
  • Aggregate Mills
  • Kiln Nose Rings
  • Pallet Cars
  • Precipitator Thimbles
  • Traveling Grate Components
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Pellet Conveyors

Superior cast metal part mining solutions

What sets U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine apart is the ability to produce large cast products tailored to client specifications using static and centrifugal casting techniques. Our capabilities include:

  • Castings up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lengths of up to 80 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • Outside diameters as large as 158 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • No size limit for statically cast parts

We have an in-house machine shop with advanced CNC equipment, enabling us to deliver finished castings with precise dimensions. By eliminating time-consuming outsourced secondary processing, client supply chains are optimized. Our team is capable of machining workpieces with:

  • Outside diameters of 150 inches
  • Lengths of 80 inches 
  • Tolerances are +/- .001 inches

Tough conditions, robust materials

Exposure to heat, corrosion, and hard materials 24 hours per day, seven days per week, can significantly strain mining equipment. That’s why material selection is essential.

As a leading mining industry castings manufacturer, U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine can help find the best material for your marine application. We frequently work with the following metal alloys:

Other metal alloys can be used upon request. Contact us to discuss your needs further.

Your mining equipment provider

There’s no easy minerals extraction operation. That’s why U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine delivers the highest quality cast metal parts as quickly as possible. This way, you’ll always have mining equipment to fit your unique needs and situation.

A strict quality management system ensures every casted component meets applicable industry standards or client specifications. We turnaround rough parts as quickly as two weeks and finished pieces as fast as eight weeks, depending on lead time and other factors.

Contact us to discuss your mining industry casted metal parts needs in greater detail.