Centrifugal Nickel Alloy Castings

Nickel alloys are metals composed of iron, other elements, and nickel. The addition of nickel produces desirable characteristics like high strength and corrosion resistance.

Because of nickel’s unique properties, these alloys are used in equipment spanning multiple industries. 

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Nickel Based Alloy Sand Casting

Common Characteristics

Exact characteristics vary by grade, but common traits include:

  • Improved versatility
  • Higher toughness
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Improved strength at higher and lower temperatures
  • Magnetic properties
  • Electronic properties

Most nickel alloys offer superior performances at very high temperatures, making them suitable for extremely harsh, corrosive environments. They provide superior oxidation resistance at high temperatures while maintaining quality weldability, workability, and ductility.

Your cast nickel component source 

U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine manufactures large nickel alloy castings for heavy equipment and machinery. We combine advanced equipment, highly trained labor, knowledgeable leadership to produce quality components that meet applicable industry standards or customer specifications on time and within budget. 

Large centrifugal nickel-based alloy castings are made using centrifugal force to distribute and refine the molten material in the mold. High centrifugal force levels press the molten material against the mold wall, creating a dense tubular product.

We also manufacture nickel alloy parts using sand casting, a process where sand is used to create a mold. Liquid metal is added to the mold to create a component. Large sand casting nickel piece parts offer high performance at an affordable price point. Sand casting is cost-effective, even for small quantities, because of its low tooling cost.

Components are manufactured using centrifugal and static casting techniques. Built-in automation and controls ensure improved precision and quality. Types of parts we produce include: 

Find a nickel casting solution for your needs

Nickel alloys offer many advantages over other metals for numerous applications. With extensive casting experience and metallurgy knowledge, the experts at U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine can help you select the best nickel alloy material for your application. 

Standing up to rough conditions 

The ability to withstand extreme temperatures and corrosive environments make nickel alloys perfect for use in a range of industries. Some examples include:

Your Source For Nickel Alloy Castings

All nickel alloys are acquired from trustworthy suppliers, and compliance is verified upon arrival. Precision testing and inspection equipment confirm every part produced surpasses applicable requirements. All orders are audited for accuracy before shipment. 

For heavy machinery applications, time is critical. We’re dedicated to meeting client needs by supplying quality nickel alloy castings swiftly. Our team can produce rough parts as quickly as two weeks and finished pieces as fast as eight weeks, depending on lead time and other factors. 

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