Common Products made for Rolling Mills

Our casting Capabilities

  • Centrifugal casting has a max diameter of 158”, 80” tall, and weighs up to 35,000 lbs.
  • Static Castings have a max of 35,000lbs, no size limit for static castings
  • Machining max 80” tall with an outside diameter of 150” and a tolerance of +/-.001

Bronze Rolling Mills Capabilities

US Bronze can manufacture bronze alloys up to 35,000 pounds, 80 inches tall, and 158-inch diameter. Casting methods include centrifugal, continuous, and static castings. Our full in-house machine shop accommodates all our large castings to +/- .001.

Bronze Alloys used in Parts for Rolling Mill

Not all bronze alloys are interchangeable or can be used for all applications. Different types of bronze alloys have different properties which make them better suited for different applications. For example, bronze alloy 937 is better to use if someone is wanting to make brackets from bronze as opposed to bronze alloy 941. Other bronze alloys that we carry are:

Don’t see the alloy you are inquiring about? Contact us to see our full list of alloys US Bronze Foundry & Machine utilizes.

Industry Requirements for Rolling Mill Parts

Yes, our quality department will comply with your requests. We provide Certification of Conformance (CoC), Chemical and mechanical reports (Mech). Contact us for more information on how we accommodate specific requests.


Finished Products from Bronze Rolling Mills

Here is a list of rolling mill parts after cutting anything extraneous:


Bronze Rolling Mills Industries Served

U.S. Bronze serves a plethora of industries with our Rolling Mills services.

Check our applications page or contact us to learn more about what industries we service.