The foundry at U.S.B.F. & M.I. has over 90 years of experience in pouring all varieties of bronze alloys and other non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous alloys which we have poured include pure copper, aluminum bronze, copper nickel, monel, highly leaded bronzes, aluminum and aluminum/tin. Proprietary manufacturing processes complement a wide selection of over 50 different non-ferrous alloys.

Centrifugal and Static Castings

Specializing in large, centrifugal and static castings, U.S.B.F. & M.I. makes exceptionally sound parts for such applications as: Screw Down Nuts, Wear rings, Wear plates, Sugar mill bearings, Crusher parts and Heavy equipment bushings. Our unique method of centrifugal casting produces the highest quality machine parts available. Add to this our extensive experience in static casting and a diverse, reliable company is the result. Not only can we produce excellent castings, but also we can often eliminate pattern costs with our extensive pattern stock and method of centrifugal casting.

Bronze Sugar Mill Bearings

Sugar Mill Bearings are an exacting component to manufacture. They are a hollow casting which must be hydraulically sound, since the bearings are water cooled. Our company pours these static casings using special no-bake sand molds and foundry techniques based upon years of experience with the bronze alloy, Tiger Bronze. Products for the Sugar Mill industry include Top Roll Top Bearings, Liners, Bottom Roll Quarter Bearings, and Top Mill Roll Bearings. The extensive machining on these bearings is all done in-house, which means from pouring to machining, the product does not leave our plant until it is shipped to you! To Order Sugar Mill Bearings and Other Castings Sugar Mill Bearings may be specified by identifying the make and model number of the machine you are using, and including a part number, if it is available. We will also read your dimensional drawings to produce any casting.

Our Machine Shop

For a company to provide its customers with exact, finished castings, its machine shop must be dependable. At U.S. Bronze Foundry and Machine, Inc., our machine shop routinely performs within tolerances of 0.002 inches. We can machine all nature of mining products, eccentric tapered bushings and also smaller bearings and bushings. Because our machine shop is so highly skilled, we are able to produce your castings, exactly to your specifications, without the piece leaving our plant. We perform the milling, boring, drilling and tapping on all of the sugar mill bearings we make. Also, parts for mining equipment are machined and finished in our plant. After machining, all of our parts are checked for quality before they are shipped to our customers.

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