In addition to the standard, industrial alloys, Abex, the predecessor of U.S. Bronze Foundry & Machine, Inc., developed an alloy named Tiger Bronze designed especially for making the highest quality Bronze Sugar Mill Bearings. It resists friction and corrosion without loss of strength, and it has excellent properties of thermal conductivity, with an IACS rating at 10-15%
Wear Resistance and Anti-Frictional Properties
Tiger Bronze provides a smooth bearing surface that insures longer service. This means less shaft and bearing wear than is the case with harder alloys. It also means that Tiger Bronze will conform more readily to the tiny irregularities of the shaft and help to improve the distribution of the film of lubrication, both of which are very important during the critical "run-in" period. Tiger Bronze also prevents shaft seizures during periods of metal-to-metal contact caused by lubrication failures

Shock-Resistant and Embedable
Tiger Bronze is sufficiently hard to carry heavy bearing loads without distortion. At the same time it will embed foreign partiles that might otherwise score the shaft. Its physical properties, which are shown below, enable it to withstand severe shocks, pounding, and heavy loads, both constant and intermittent.


Tensile Strength
Yield Strength
Elongation in 2
Reduction of
Brinell Hardness,
50 kg load


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