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Design Engineering
A bearing is only as good as the engineering and manufacturing skills that go into it. Capability is evidenced by the long and successful experience of our engineering staff. The group has at its disposal a comprehensive data-bank on bearing design and performance. This knowledge is the result of experience in a wide variety of applications, and is now supplemented by our computer-assisted design and engineering program.  In addition, engineers always stand ready to provide you with the full benefit of this experience -- from preliminary design assistance through field engineering. More than 80 years of research, engineering and manufacturing know-how stand behind every Lubrite® bearing.

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Testing Laboratory
Lubrite® Technologies maintains a sophisticated in-house testing laboratory for research and development as well as production testing. If required, new designs can be tested under simulated field operating conditions to ensure successful performance. Precise parameters such as load, speed, and environmental conditions can be duplicated.

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Bearing Materials
A Lubrite® bearing system consists of two basic components -- the bearing substrate and lubricant. This makes detailed knowledge on the application of bearing materials extremely important.

The substrate materials selected for a bearing system can vary considerably based on the application. Bronze is commonly used, but in unusual environments other materials ranging from stainless steel and nodular-iron to tool-steel can be employed. Metallurgical experience assures you of proper selection and maximum bearing life.
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Lubricants used in Lubrite® Technologies' products are compounds or composites dry, solid, permanent, and completely self-lubricating. They do not require any form of supplementary lubrication. Decades of research and development have been put into developing lubricants and they are constantly tested both in our laboratories and in the field to ensure performance, and to develop further improvements.

A number of lubricants have been developed to meet the specific needs of a wide variety of applications. One of these lubricants will provide the operating characteristics needed for your application.
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Bearing Assemblies
Lubrite® Technologies has the in-plant capability to manufacture extremely large self-lubricating bearings and accompanying assemblies -- such as the 30,000 lb. bearings used in the Thames Flood Defense Project in London, England. Lubrite® Technologies generally supplies all the peripheral parts needed to complete a bearing assembly, including support systems, structural components, mating pins, housings, and any other special requirements. The combination of our metallurgical experiences with an in-house foundry and state-of-the-art welding capability facilitates manufacturing even the largest assembly parts. Assemblies as large as 35 tons have been built in our plant. It is recommended that complete bearing assemblies (including pins, shafts, and all related steel components) be designed and manufactured by Lubrite® Technologies. This approach assures perfect mating fits of system components, a fast, efficient installation, and superior bearing performance.
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World's largest spherical, self-aligning bearing. This bearing has been in continuous operation in a harsh environment since 1976, protecting London from tidal flooding.


Lubrite® Technologies' modern machine shop with CAD/CAM and CNC capabilities performs all of the machining operations required in manufacturing Lubrite® products, assuring consistent quality and on-time deliveries.
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Superior welding skills are required to produce mating surfaces of unusual metals. One example is the use of Submerged Arc welding techniques by Lubrite® welders to overlay surfaces with materials such as Inconel 625, Monel, and stainless steel.
Lubrite® welders are qualified to meet the requirements of the AWS structural welding code and AASHTO.
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Quality Assurance and Control
The first and most important step in quality control is quality assurance. Once product specifications are established, Quality Assurance develops step-by-step manufacturing guidelines to ensure the finished product will meet your requirements. Each stage in the production process is then monitored by Quality Control personnel to be certain of adherence to the guidelines. A reporting system that documents every interval of the manufacturing process and provides complete traceability is an important part of the program.  Non-destructive testing is done by personnel qualified to ASNT, SNT - TC - 1A. All destructive testing meets specifications of ASTM. Every inspection is documented for your reference.
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Lubrite's Service
Lubrite® Technologies' philosophy is one of involvement and committment. Our personnel are always available to work closely with your own staff. Your customer service contact at Lubrite® Technologies will help you establish the original design concept, and then follow through to delivery of the bearing to your site. Arranging field inspections, handling expediting requests, providing test and certification documentation, and supplying any other information you may need are all part of your customer service representative's role in assuring you of superior service. If you have a special requirement, such as field engineering assistance after installation, this can also be easily arranged.

Before, during, and after startup of your project, you always have the assurance of knowing Lubrite® Technologies' complete capability is as close as the nearest telephone.
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